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  • UNDP and Wikipedia launch “Wiki Loves the Earth” photo contest

    17 May 2016 - Ukraine is home to some of the richest natural environments and habitats in Europe and at the same time is one of the most heavily polluted countries in the region. It is also one of the least energy efficient countries in the world. Effective management of natural resources and promoting environmental protection are key elements to preserve life-supporting biological systems, improve the quality of life and reduce poverty in Ukraine.

  • UNDP Restored 19 Social Service Facilities for Vulnerable Citizens in Donbas

    17 May 2016 - On 30th April UNDP completed its first project aimed at restoring social infrastructure facilities in the conflict-affected territories of Ukraine. Keeping in mind the needs of the most vulnerable citizens and consulting with local communities, the project team selected 19 social infrastructure facilities to restore and to improve the services provided.

  • Joining efforts to support women in the armed forces

    17 May 2016 – Ukraine’s Parliament launched the photo exhibition “Mothers in the front line and in the rear” to honor women serving in the armed forces as well as the mothers of combatants.

  • In Ukraine, a ‘Living Library’ helps ease tensions between displaced persons and hosts

    16 May 2016 – Experiencing the story of a person displaced in Ukraine – the suffering, joys, feelings of alienation and social exclusion, but also the sense of belonging – is possible for communities hosting the displaced persons due to a United Nations project that has turned testimonies into “books” in a so-called Living Library.