The UN Resident Coordinator Office (RCO) has been established in line with the UN reform package unveiled by the Secretary - General at a special General Assembly session in September 1997. The reform package highlighted the need of establishment a new leadership culture and management structure at the United Nations, and strengthening of the UN Resident Coordinator (RC) System was defined as an important priority for action.

The purpose of the RCO in Ukraine is to coordinate the efforts of the UN Country Team operating in Ukraine to ensure provision of efficient and effective assistance to accelerate the country’s steady progress towards social and economic development, observance of the world’s democratic standards and facilitation of Ukraine’s-world integration process.

The UN RC in a country is the designated representative of the Secretary-General and aims to bring together different resident and non-resident UN agencies, funds and programmes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities at a country level. Working closely with national governments, Resident Coordinators advocate for the interests and mandates of the UN while drawing on the support and guidance of the entire United Nations family.

The important role of the RC in responding to national needs and priorities will include supporting the Government’s efforts for a coordinated, multidisciplinary response aimed at implementation and monitoring of assistance strategies and programmes.


The RC assumes overall coordination responsibility of the UN System operational activities for development. The RC is specifically accountable for: (1) reporting on UNCT results to government, (2) achieving agreed RC results drawn from UN Country Team work plan, and (3) implementing the guidance note on RC/UNCT working relations.

Resident Coordinator's Office:

  • Ms. Osnat Lubrani, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Ukraine
  • Ms. Mona Folkesson, Head of Resident Coordinator's Office
  • Mr. Stan Veitsman, UN Peace and Development Advisor
  • Ms. Yulia Svavolya, UN Coordination Analyst
  • Ms. Yeva Gershberg, Executive Assistant to the RC
  • Ms. Betina Borova, UN Coordination and Research Analyst
  • Ms. Olena Laba, UN Public Information Officer
  • Ms. Kateryna Kyrychenko, Assistant to the Office of the UN RC
  • Ms. Anna Mysyshyn, Communications Assistant

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