The Secretary-General message on the united nations day for south-south cooperation New York, 19 December 2006 Amid the perils and promise of globalization, South-South cooperation enables developing countries to share their experiences and successes with others. In particular, it provides a platform for cooperate on issues of concern to developing countries, from the struggle to eliminate extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

As suggested by the theme of this year’s observance – “New Dynamics for South-South and Triangular Partnerships for Development” – recent developments have helped expand both the strength and the scope of developing country partnerships. Trade within the South has risen rapidly. Southern multinational corporations have become providers of capital and technology, and have created jobs and generated wealth. Faster growing developing countries have also emerged as an important source of investment, remittances and development aid. And recent meetings and initiatives, from last year’s South America–Arab Summit to this year’s China-Africa Summit, also signal a strong commitment among developing countries to maintain and increase this momentum.

By itself, South-South cooperation may not be sufficient to attain the Millennium Development Goals. But as one piece of a larger global partnership for development, it is already making valuable contributions. The international community must not only applaud this trend, it must make every effort to support strengthened ties between developing countries.

On this third United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation, let us all pledge to facilitate attempts by developing countries to expand technical and economic ties. And let us do our utmost to help realize the full potential of South-South cooperation in improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable among us.