On 29 September 2006 Mr. Francis m. O’donnell, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative to Ukraine met with the First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Finance of Ukraine Mr. Mykola azarov.
During the meeting Mr. O'Donnell presented the recently launched 3rd Report of the Blue Ribbon Commission "The State and the Citizen: Delivering on Promises", which analyses and provides recommendations on priority social and economic reforms in Ukraine. Mr. O'Donnell and Mr. Azarov discussed the macroeconomic situation in the country, and also the support, provided by the UN agencies to assist reforms in Ukraine. The counterparts have also agreed to develop a specific mechanism of cooperation between the Blue Ribbon Analytical and Advisory Centre and the Government.
For more information please contact Ms. Mariya Klymovych by tel.:254 00 35 or e-mail: mariya.klymovych@undp.org.ua
The Blue Ribbon Commission for Ukraine, initiated and supported by the United Nations Development Programme, functions as an independent body of eminent national and international experts.
The purpose of the ‘"The State and the Citizen: Delivering on Promises", the 3rd Report of the Commission, is to highlight those most important issues that need to and can be addressed in the first months of the new Government and Verkhovna Rada. UNDP recommends the report for the attention of the President of Ukraine and the Government, Business community and civil society and stands ready to support them in their efforts to pursue any of the report’s recommendations, or to conduct further research into the subjects covered.
The Blue Ribbon Analytical and Advisory Centre (BRAAC) was created in 2005 to assist Ukrainian authorities in implementation of recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission for Ukraine. The mission of the Centre is to support the next generation of social and economic transformations in Ukraine by assisting policy formulation, building capacity of national stakeholders and energizing, and facilitating a broad dialogue on economic development issues.
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