2 August 2018, about 300 participants of the International Children`s Center Artek learned about a Global United Nations Programme till 2030 - the Sustainable Development Goals in the format of an intellectual quest, which was prepared by a team of volunteers of the Children`s center.

Quest is a competition during which the team members carry out the tasks in a specific order to finish with the best result. SDGs quest is aimed to raise awareness of the Global UN Programme and encourage young people to take an active action to implementing Sustainable Development Goals at the level of cities and communities.

Quest was prepared by senior members of the Children`s center with the support of the UN office in Ukraine. Quest's tasks were very different: a quiz on gender equality, a crossword on sustainable urban development, physical activities and cycling to promote a healthy lifestyle, discussions, board games on responsible consumption and trust games to understand the role of partnership and support in achieving sustainable development in the world.

"Today there are 984 children in the International Children`s Center Artek, some of whom are internally displaced or arrived to the Children`s center from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In Artek, children from all over Ukraine share experiences and have fun together. They say: ‘You become an Artek camper once and that is for life’. During the quest on the Sustainable Development Goals participants of Artek have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the concepts of democracy, equality, responsible consumption in a fun and playful way" – says Sergey Konyk, Deputy Director of state-owned enterprise `International Children`s Centre Artek`.

"We loved the quest and we are very pleased thet we won. Now we know how to change the world for better today and ready to be responsible citizens of our planet" – says the team that won in the quest of Sustainable Development Goals in Artek.

The winning teams received gifts from the UN office in Ukraine and the UN Volunteers program, UN Women, the Office of the UN High Commissioner For Refugees.

After the Annexation of Crimea in 2014, International Children`s Center Artek moved to Puscha Vodycia, near Kyiv.