The United Nations in Ukraine welcomes President Zelenskyi’s stated commitment to reach out to all Ukrainians regardless of where they reside. Such a commitment echoes the promise made as part of the 2030 sustainable development agenda to ‘leave no one behind’. Inclusive measures can lay the ground for achieving peace and stability and strengthening social cohesion throughout the country. We look forward to continuing our cooperation under the Ukraine - UN Partnership Framework 2018-2022 to advance development and human rights, as well as to provide humanitarian and recovery assistance to and protection of civilians directly affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

In this context, the United Nations in Ukraine and its humanitarian partners encourage early action to alleviate the difficulties faced by millions of Ukrainians living on both sides of the contact line. As a matter of priority, quick impact measures are needed to improve the lives of those affected by conflict in three key areas: easing hardship and risks for civilians crossing the Entry-Exit-Check Points (EECPs); facilitating access to pensions and civil documentation; and averting a humanitarian crisis due to water supply cuts, linked to cuts of electricity supply.

The United Nations and its humanitarian partners stand ready to support and advise further on specific steps and other actions for meeting these priorities.

  1. Easing hardship and risks for civilians crossing the Entry-Exit-Check Points (EECPs), particularly those crossing the Stanytsia Luhanska foot bridge in Luhansk oblast:
  • Make it easier for people to cross while carrying luggage and goods by replacing the long list of permitted goods with a much shorter list of prohibited goods and reducing inspection times, with a view to enhancing economic ties;
  • Explore options to reduce costs of crossing by providing free transportation, particularly for the elderly, people with disabilities and families with children
  • Prioritize the repair of the Stanytsia Luhanska foot bridge
  1. Facilitate access to Pensions and Civil documentation:
  • Create conditions so that all Ukrainian citizens have equal access to pensions regardless of their place of residence or registration as IDPs by de-linking access to pensions from IDP registration;
  • Facilitate registration of births and deaths occurring in NGCA by establishing a simplified administrative procedure for registering these events and offering registration services close to the contact line, with the goal of providing the services in one place and in one day.
  1. Avert a humanitarian crisis due to water cuts, linked to cuts of electricity supply due to lack of payments, that could leave millions of civilians on both sides of the ‘contact line’ without access to water:
  • Ensure uninterrupted supply of water, by allocating funds to cover electricity debts, building on the “protected consumer status” of Voda Donbasu.

For more information about the UN’s perspectives on how to support the conflict-affected population, please see our Advocacy briefs: