Notwithstanding the conflict in eastern Ukraine, urgent and wide-ranging reforms are necessary to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience and to address the socio-economic challenges facing the country.

The Government of Ukraine formed in December 2014 declared a strong commitment to implementation of reforms. Towards this end it has developed several key documents, including the 2020 Strategy, the Coalition Agreement, and the Government Action Plan. These documents outline the legislative and administrative reforms necessary in the country.

The UN is offering advisory support to ensure that the process of law drafting is efficient and based on wide consultations with civil society and public experts. An Action Plan on Legislative Support to the Reform Agenda has been drafted to strengthen the law-drafting and organisational capacity of the Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada. In the framework of its assistance to the Parliament and following a request from the Government of Ukraine the UN is supporting the position of the Coordinator of the Action Plan on Legislative Support to the Reform Agenda.

The reform process includes decentralisation of decision making to local government and communities. In this context, the UN is advocating changes to increase the institutional capacity of municipal authorities and engage citizens in local development. The approach supported by UN organisations is intended to empower communities, build a spirit of activism and social inclusion, and ensure that the interests of the most vulnerable community members are ensured. For this to take place, the UN is supporting measures to ensure that planning, management, monitoring and advocacy processes are genuinely consultative at all stages.

The United Nations is also supporting the Government in its efforts to overcome corruption and promote transparency. Assistance is being provided for the establishment of a National Agency for Prevention of Corruption in partnership with the Ministry of Justice. Civil society is receiving support, particularly at the regional level, to address local corruption risks. The UN also chairs the donor coordination group on prevention of corruption, supports development of open data legislation, and is working on increasing the transparency of local budgets and service delivery.

Agriculture is one of the key sectors of the Ukrainian economy and makes a significant contribution to the country’s social safety nets. It is one of the few sectors that has continue to perform well despite the challenges of the transitional period. Ukraine’s agriculture sector is under transformation. The United Nations is providing support and technical expertise to the government to develop a comprehensive strategy that will help to pave the way for further development in the agriculture sector and rural areas until 2020.


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