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United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine called on the international community to expand their support to mine action to protect civilians

On the International Mine Awareness Day, the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine, Ms. Osnat Lubrani calls for the greater protection of millions of men, women and children who live, work and go to schools in the areas littered with landmines and other explosive hazards in eastern Ukraine.
After five years of conflict, landmines and explosive hazards continue to kill and maim civilians. Over 40 per cent of casualties among civilians in eastern Ukraine in 2018 were caused by landmines and explosive hazards.



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United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

In protracted conflicts, children under the age of 15 living are, on average, almost three times more likely to die from diseases caused by a lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene than by direct violence, UNICEF said in a new report today.

Water Under Fire report looks at mortality rates in 16 countries going through prolonged conflicts and finds that, in most of them, children under the age of five are more than 20 times more likely to because of lack of access to safe water and sanitation than direct violence.

“The odds are already stacked against children living through prolonged conflicts – with many unable to reach a safe water source,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “The reality is that there are more children who die from lack of access to safe water than by bullets."



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Ukraine made an additional important step forward to the best international practices in migration management, with the Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) Country Profile validated at an IOM-organized meeting in Kyiv.

From countering human trafficking to border management; from the State’s communication with citizens willing to return from abroad to the access of irregular migrants to healthcare; from nourishing partnerships with private sector to mainstreaming the development potential of migration into national strategic policies, the MGI Country Profile provides Ukraine with insights on policy levers that the country can use to further enhance and strengthen its migration governance.



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UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission

Brave young woman from Uzhhorod stood up for human rights on International Women’s Day. The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission advocated with Regional Police and published a feature story about Vitalina Koval

Last year, when leading an event for women’s rights in Uzhhorod, Vitalina suffered chemical eye burn, as the protest was disrupted by extreme-right wing groups. She did not give up, though: “This is my hometown. It has always been tolerant. I take it personally and I will stand up for freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression”, Vitalina said. In partnership with Amnesty International, the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission advocated with Regional Police in Zakarpattia. The event in 2019 went peacefully, and all the participants could exercise their rights.




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For the second time Kyiv hosted HeForShe Arts Week – an art marathon that brings together museums, galleries, cinemas and other art institutions around the themes of gender equality and human rights. HeForShe Arts Week 2019 included 14 partnership events with the audience of near 600 visitors, 10 arts and culture institutions of Ukraine joined the HeForShe Arts Week, 15 well-known experts in arts and culture engaged as speakers/lecturers. In addition to events, we created an audio guide in partnership with the National Arts Museum of Ukraine and Radio: Culture where contemporary female artists reflect on the works of male artists of the past. For our outdoor campaign “Do you know Ukrainian female artists?” we displayed the works NAMU fund in central Kyiv till the end of March.



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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine with the support of the Government of Denmark has launched a new project – “Human Rights for Ukraine” (HR4U) – to further promote ongoing processes of democratization in the country, focusing on human rights and access to justice for all.
Over the next five years, the new initiative will foster inclusive and sustainable human development in Ukraine, with funding of US$4.5 million provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
Through the project, UNDP will continue to prioritize its work with key national partners and stakeholders, - such as the National Human Rights Institution, national and local authorities, civil society, and human rights defenders – joining efforts to promote human rights across Ukraine and improve access to justice, especially for vulnerable groups.


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United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)“Pact For Youth - 2020” is an initiative implemented by the CSR Ukraine, Center for CSR Development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and United Nations Population Fund. During the last three years, 123 companies signed the “Pact For Youth - 2020” and created jointly 32,127 jobs for the young people, 596 partnerships with educational institutions, and provided mentorship support for the first job for 1,700 young people.

The conference was opened by Oleksandr Yarema, Deputy of the Minister of Youth and Sports: “The initiative “Pact For Youth - 2020” is a great example of an interaction between the state, the public sector and business in addressing such an important issue as employment. In particular, that fact that such initiatives as the National Action Plan on Youth Employment originate in the course of interaction, is a further confirmation that trust, understanding and vision are in place, and that only by taking integral joint efforts we can achieve meaningful results”.



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The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

UNHCR provides equipment to improve freedom of movement at five entry/exit checkpoints in the east of Ukraine
UNHCR has been supporting the entry/exit checkpoints in the eastern part of Ukraine to reduce waiting time and improve well-being of people, mostly elderly, when they cross.
This time, UNHCR provided Ukrainian authorities with computers and body cameras. 150 video-cameras and 3 laptops were handed to the State Border Guard Service.
They will be used at fife entry/exit checkpoints in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where thousands of people commute daily between GCA and NGCA.
Given that in 2018 there were 13,6 million crossings through the contact line, there is a need to further facilitate conditions for such a big amount of people to ensure to a possible extent a safe and fast passage.


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Odette Nienge: A story of a beautiful dream. Through her drive, Odette fulfilled her dream, through her work, she has found her husband, and through her life, she hopes to become an inspiration for many women.
Odette, refugee from Congo started her own business in Ukraine.


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Antimicrobial agents play a critical role in reducing morbidity and mortality of human and animal diseases all over the world. However, the emergence and spread of resistance to many of these agents decreases their efficiency, threatening the effectiveness of otherwise successful treatments.
Starting today, an FAO project helps Ukraine in addressing antimicrobial resistance, particularly to improve awareness on antimicrobial resistance and related threats; monitor of antimicrobial use in food and agriculture; strengthen knowledge of related authorities; promote good practices in food and agricultural systems.
Ukraine is committed to take steps to ensure the rational use of antimicrobials in human medicine, veterinary medicine, and food industry in accordance with best international and European practices. One of the effective ways to protect human health is to prevent antibiotic resistance in livestock.




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The institutional capacity on addressing gender-based and domestic violence in Luhansk Region

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UNHCR support to community centres

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An evidence-based analysis of the psychosocial adaptability of conflict-exposed adolescents and the role of the education system as a protective environment

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The United Nations in Ukraine works with the Government and the people of Ukraine to build a culture of dignity, through understanding of and respect for human rights, towards a peaceful and transformed Ukraine.

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Ukraine is composed of representatives of UN specialized agencies, funds and programmes, accredited in Ukraine.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Olena Laba
UN Public Information Officer
Tel. +38 044 253 93 63 (ext. 140)
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